Arghakhanchi OPC Cement comes with the strength of 53 MPa and hence, the structures built by using this cement stand stronger and durable. The strength and quality of Arghakhanchi OPC cement is higher than OPC cement of any other Nepali cement companies.


stuttgart airport transferairport taxiArghakhanchi Cement Pvt. Ltd began the production of PPC cement from the month of Jestha, 2076 BS by using separate production line. This category of cement was brought into the market to address the spontaneous demand of our customers. With the production of PPC cement, Arghakhanchi Cement Pvt. Ltd has become full-fledged cement company which produces clinker, OPC and PPC cement.


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The manufacturing process of Arghakhanchi Cement begins all the way from Palpa, where the limestone quarry is located. Extraction of limestone becomes the very first step of clinker and cement production.

In this step, the company gives utmost priority to the selection of high quality limestone to ensure best quality of its products. The extracted raw material (limestone) is then carried by tripper trucks to the manufacturing unit of the company based in Siyari Rural Municipality-2, Bhairawaha. Inside the manufacturing plant, the limestone undergoes crushing process to be reduced up to 70 mm size from the initial 1 meter size. Then, the crushed limestone goes through stacking process. Once having been stacked, the material gets reclaimed by reclaimer machine for homonizing process.

Now, the limestone is sent to hopper with the use of belt. Other additives needed for cement production like clay, bauxite and iron ore are also collected in separate hoppers through different belts. All these raw materials are then mixed through fully computerized technology for having best products. The process is fully automated and no manual intervention happens in measuring the portion of each raw material. This entire process is guided and controlled by sophisticated robotic lab set by the company.


Quality Consistency Vertical Roller mill _VRM_ Strength of 53 MPa Super fineness of the product Production of OPc &PPC Cement through separate production line Fully automated/no human intervention to ensure upgraded quality Use of raw material from own limestone quarry Prodcution of high quality clinker High compressive strength